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Well I love to write and that's pretty much it I hope you enjoy my story's love you ;) #onedirection<3

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    love it
    The new member of One Direction (Harry Styles and you)
    The new member of...
    You, "rayis" or "rayita" that's how we, in Mexico, calls you, because... you know, you're a line where you put your name so in spanish "raya" it's line, and "rayita" or "rayis" it's like a pretty way to...
    Dafne Stylinson Biebs
    Thank you! I'm glad you like it! I'll try to update it today ;)
  • narry_loves_you_14
    oh my god its amazing ! MORE !!! lol sorry i havent seen a good fanfic in weeks lol
    Mission: Protect One Direction
    Mission: Protect...
    Kat,Witch of Weather. Meri,Witch of The Sea. Sofi,Witch of Wind. Chloe,Witch of Levitation. And Me,Scylla, Witch of well Everything. Witches,Yes we're Witches. And we have a Mission: Protect One Direction....
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    OH MY FUCK!!! means a lot!!! Ill update tomorrow or tonight!!! thank you!!!!
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