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  • almost_punkrock_5sos
    I really like the book, its so good so far ��
    Prince Hood {Calum Hood}
    Prince Hood {Calum...
    Y/n is a random commoner that is sent in to work for the Prince, Calum Hood, as his personal dresser. He doesn't even bother learn her name, which leads to Y/n despising simply everything he does. What...
  • almost_punkrock_5sos
    Ok I know your probably always busy but whenever you have some free time can you update I'm really like the book but tbh I wanted to be calum's child but it's still one of my favorites��
    Elysian ✩ 5sos
    Elysian ✩ 5sos
    elysian (adj.) beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect ∞ SEQUEL TO AMNESIA; Courtney Winston, a seventeen year old girl who fell in love and hurt the people around her. After...
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