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Hmm.. Well, let's see.. I'm new here, I'm Texan, and I got a bit tired of Quotev and decided to try something new. I have a story there if you want to see what my writing style is like. Its under my name and is called Insanity. I would like for a few of y'all to try it out. <(0.o<)
Love music, reading, and art, BTW.

  • Nanette Thunders
    Thats possibly the most amazing, and fantastical dream I've heard of in years..
    Kai's Unabridged Abridged Dream Journal
    Kai's Unabridged...
    Since I already record most of my dreams anyways, I thought it might be a good entry for the diary competition. Read, enjoy, interpret, whatever. Thanks! (If you interpret, and it's something creepy, please...
    Kai Heartnet
    2 years ago
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    Thanks! I get most of the plot for my stories from my dreams. I blissfully rarely dream about anything terribly normal.
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