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You have no idea who I am, but my name is Tiffany. I am crazy, weird and insane. I only bite if you wake me up in the morning. I'm loud and I'm proud of who I am because I know people can be low sometimes, but there is some good that will rise them to be better people someday. I believe that crying means you've been strong for to long and you forgive people because your strong enough to know that people make mistakes. Everyone is beautiful, just not everyone can see it. I am called the hippy of my school because I think everyone is beautiful. We all just need a little hope and someone who will never give up on us. This world is full of angel's with broken wings, they are just the one's who never stop caring and are always there for people. My favorite boy out of One Direction is all of them. Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry. They may not be perfect, but I admire that they chased their dreams to be who they are today. If your still looking for love, stop. He'll want to surprise you by doing it while your not watching.

Thank you for the follows and the reads!

But on another note, if you are suicidal read below;

I know you have no clue who I am, but remember when the blade, knife, rope, ect. seem to be whispering your name, I'm screaming your name at the top of my lungs because I love you and I never want you to hurt yourself, ever. If you need someone to speak to, I'm here and I wont judge you. I've been there, but your looking at this all wrong. Stand up for a moment, dry your tears and listen to me. You aren't any of the things people call you. You aren't disgusting, stupid, ugly, fat or attention seeking. You're beautiful. It just takes someone who cares to tell you. You aren't perfect. But you know what? You don't have to be. You're imperfections are what makes you unique. Everyone is perfect to me. It's not okay to hurt people or yourself. Do you see every scar on you? Each of them is a battle that you lost with yourself. I've cut before and I've attempted suicide. I didn't fail suicide, I succeeded living. Suicide is like telling god, "You can't fire me- I quit." I don't know what you look like, but I don't have to. You're beautiful. You are beautiful. You are strong. Stay strong. It will get better I promise. And NEVER thank me for 'helping' you. It's you who made the better decision. Thank yourself. I care. Just know that. ♥

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