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Greetings all,

N.S is a twenty-something writer of stories/part-time piratess and mere mortal who can shell peanuts, save planets, fight baddies, shop online, eat chocolate and gain 10 pounds all in the space of five minutes. She's amazingly talented at playing the triangle, I mean the way she just hits all of the right notes – it just gets to you, you know? When she's not writing you can find her hanging out in her imagination, it's a wonderful place. Oh and she also loves talking in third person about herself, it's sort of her thing!

And if you happen to be crazy enough to want to contact her then please leave a comment on her Movella or send her an email: and she will endeavour to get back to you ay-sap!

Oh and if you've read any of her work then she would also like to thank you for giving her work a chance and she would greatly appreciate it if you could leave a comment, rate her work, like, fave, become a fan, subscribe and send her Ben Barnes covered in chocolat. She'll do a happy dance if you do. Her happy dance is like the queen of all of the dances put together so it's totes worth it.

Happy reading ya'll! :) .

Movellas (4)

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    27 Jul 13

    Her father, the King, has just died from the great affliction and her husband was murdered two months ago. With her mother...    Read more

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    The Movellas Interview Diary

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    Girl Heart Boy: Secrets

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  • Naj (N. S)

    Okay, so I think I've perfected my pitch...

    for my query letter. If anyone wants to help me out by reading/critiquing it then please comment below and I'll give you the early access code. I really do need a fresh pair of eyes to take a look at it, it'd be the greatest help ever! Thank you :).
  • Naj (N. S)

    I can't write!

    I'm trying so hard to write my entries for a few competitions and I just can't do it and that's frustrating me even more... it's like there's this invisible wall I keep hitting every time I try to write and I keep bouncing back off of it. I think I need to clear my mind and try again :(.
    Naj (N. S)
    Thank you for the tip :), I do that a lot but it's not working today :/. My mind seems clogged, I'm going to try and sleep it off and give writing a go tomorrow :).
    maybe it's the fact that your thinking too much about it. It always happens to me.
    Naj (N. S)
    True :). I'm going to try again now, let's see if anything happens :p.
    Good luck!!!!
  • Naj (N. S)

    To those reading Ariadne...

    I'll be updating it over the next few days, I won't be able to update it today, unfortunately, as I'm not feeling too well.

    Thank you for reading and thank you for understanding! Love you guys! :D
    Naj (N. S)
    Aww thank you, that's really very sweet of you! :). I wish every reader out there was like you! I'll try not to take too long though :).
    You're welcome ;)
    Take your time :)
    Naj (N. S)
    Thank you :).
  • Naj (N. S)

    Need a trailer!

    As I'm unable to make a trailer for my latest story (my laptop is broken) I was wondering if there was anyone out there who'd be willing to make me one?

    Here's the link to the story:
    AriadneHer father, the King, has just died from the great affliction and her husband was murdered two months ago. With her mother by her side eighteen year-old...

    Thank you!
    S.R. Arora
    Hey Naj! How are you?

    Amazing cover. As much as I'd lovee to help you, but I'm seriously clueless about these things. Hahah, that's me alright. :D
    Naj (N. S)
    Hey you! How have you been? I'm good thank you. Just been awol for a while :p. And thank you, glad you like it. Haha, don't worry, I think I've found someone :). By the way I'm so sorry about the delay regarding the interview - the person who was going to help, didn't :/. So I will hopefully get around to it soon.
    S.R. Arora
    I'm great too! That's wonderful.
    No big deal about the interview, it's okay. Though I need your opinion on something. :P
    Naj (N. S)
    That's great and okey dokey, what do you need my opinion on? :)
  • Naj (N. S)

    Would love to know what you guys think of my latest Movella?

    Here's the link:
    AriadneHer father, the King, has just died from the great affliction and her husband was murdered two months ago. With her mother by her side eighteen year-old...
    and if you like what you read then please do like, comment, fave and fan. And if you'd like for me to take a look at any of your stories then please leave a comment and I'll do it asap. Thank you! :)
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