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    mumbled "Life is a dress"

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    There is a huge dress shop sitting right in the middle of the road in life. It has rows and rows and rows of dresses. The wonderful variety; shades textures contrasts day night afternoon wear, matching accessories – it is a place where you may walk in and try on anything you please so long as the size is right and the price – not beyond your means.

    Life is like that. Selecting the right dress perhaps may require the appropriate material for your needs, the shade which will flatter your colouring. There are a few things to take into consideration, quite apart from the cost. Unlike a dress shop, you might try on something in life and find it doesn't quite fit you, or perhaps it fits perfectly but the colour is all wrong for you; does not bring out the best that is part of the whole picture of who you are.

    Then there is the price. If you have found a garment and tried it on; liking the form and texture of the dress, you then discover the cost of such a pretty number is way beyond what you can afford. Do you break out the credit card or lay-by the dress?!
    Or do you decide that you don't wish to go into debt – it is not worth it.

    Life allows very little to be tried on and then discarded at your leisure. There is always a ticking clock – a constant reminder that you're on the clock so to speak and in life there is no time! You take on a job for example. You find it doesn't 'fit'. But you may be forced to stay in the job due to financial commitments.
    Sometimes you put on a dress (metaphorically speaking) and before you know it; you are stitched into it's seams, and there is no way to free yourself from the dress, even though you decided it was not the right colour for you. Do you try to change the dress by dying it, or having it altered at the local dress shop?

    What do you do when you have been wearing the same dress for an entire lifetime, and suddenly find that due to changes, it is now restricting your movements, and your sense of self? What would you do? Try to take off the dress, and find another more suited to your needs? In life, wouldn't it be nice if it were that easy to try on certain things; while at the same time having the freedom to make a choice as to the suitability; and being able to discard it at will!

    Too often we see the aspect of human misery written upon a weary brow; a dissatisfaction printed in someone's outlook; or the face of apathy. There are those who were forced into a dress in life that didn't fit them; made to wear it and carry on regardless. How did they survive this kind of torture? What makes a person find ways to extract himself from unwanted conditions, what courage does it take to undo years of experience – to walk down an unmapped avenue and seek a new slant on things…

    You would have to hope that anyone would have the chance to try things on in life, see if it suits them; and either keep or discard the thing represented in this post in metaphoric terms. It might be a job, a school, a friend, a marriage, anything at all. You can't know before you try what ever it may be. The best possible outcome would be that the wisdom gained once you have tried would result in you being enabled to go back into the dress shop, and select something else.

    It's all about making choices; but impossible to know before you've experienced what life has to offer.

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    mumbled "Work Ethic - continued"

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    . . . . .From personal experience, I could not help drawing the conclusion that a great majority of people I’ve had contact with have a bleak view of work. It seems to have derogatory connotations. However, it is a simple fact that to gain money in exchange for work is vital in order to survive in life. Perhaps it is this aspect of the relation to money and work that has caused such a black shadow over the whole subject of work. Work itself is also absolutely essential; it also has an integral part in building character; in exchange in life, and on the subject of a man’s contribution to life.
    It is all part of the big picture. But at a glance ~ if you take away the incentive for work; take away the ideals of work and what it means to contribute, then I can see how it is that we have enormous numbers of young kids too who leave school and then become beach bums or simply hang about on the street and end up on drugs and other less than wholesome pursuits including criminality – usually to handle the fact that drugs and alcohol cost money!
    Sadly, the privilege of work has been so undermined, so maligned and equated with drudgery that we miss the most important thing of all. Just ask someone who is “retired” . . . how they feel about it now they are on the other side of their work a day world…

    It takes teamwork too to bring about desired outcomes in any area in life you care to look into…

    Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. ~Vince Lombardi

    No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

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    mumbled "Work Ethic"

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    I have the most vivid memories of my [late] father dressed as fine as can be, polished shoes that glowed; hair immaculately combed, not one hair out of place, his briefcase in one hand, as he said his goodbyes. He was going off to work!
    It was a way of life, and he always looked so clean, neat and brilliant every single day! I didn’t really understand where he went when I was very young, but as I grew older, I began to gain a real picture of his life as a working person; besides he’d taken me into the studios at ABC where he worked in producing music; making recordings and that sometimes included television and radio! It was all very exciting! I was in a pretty pink dress and with my hair plated neatly the day I saw him recording artist Helen Reddy who would one day become quite famous..

    It was the impression he gave me connected to the whole concept of what it was to work; earn a pay check, to have high morale because you were contributing in life, paying your way etc. It marked my approach to an entire lifetime as I moved into the workforce and found out for myself the difference between a life with purpose and one where one merely sits on the sidelines…
    There is something very significant about the whole concept of what it is to have work ethic. I just had a look online at basic definitions and here are some of those in relation to work ethic:
    work ethic
    (Philosophy) a belief in the moral value of work.
    The principle that hard work is intrinsically virtuous or worthy of reward.

    Work ethic is a value based on hard work and diligence. It is also a belief in the moral benefit of work and its ability to enhance character. A work ethic may include being reliable, having initiative, or pursuing new skills.
    Where people only see work as a money-making thing, and not as a privilege with being able to not only contribute; but in assisting in some way in life, it can have a very negative impact.
    As part of this, I recalled a prominent doctor I knew very well telling me that it was a sad but true fact that when people retired, if there was a lack of purpose there after, they would quickly sicken and sometimes die. I was very real on this, having witnessed first hand when a relative was made redundant and in a remarkably short space of time, began to drink heavily, became ill and died from a liver-related illness soon after. I was horrified at the time; being very young at the time this occurred, not really being old enough to understand the consequence of what was happening; but learning a salutary lesson about life and it’s consequence, and as I matured, it was to become more real as my comprehension grew on the importance of the whole work ethic.

    To be continued . . . .
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    mumbled "Accessibility"

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    There seems to be a great deal of potheration and consternation from this side of the window as regards my logins for a couple of my blogging pages. I am going to have a cup of tea, and contemplate the Universe at large, while my muddled thoughts are headed off at the pass; confined to quarters for a time, and so that I may regain my stability I am leaving it alone for the time being!

    Outside, there is a big dose of moronic weather – not that the day is bad or anything; just the weather! She has turned on the tears; drenching all the land from here to who-knows-where and for a Sunday morning in summer time, this basically blows..

    I have just had my regular breakfast – two slices of toast lightly touched with Raspberry jam . . . and at my elbow sits a wonderful cup of tea! It is the exact colour it should be for a rich brew . . . a lovely dark tan. I fell in love with this particular brand of tea, and so much so that since it’s introduction to my palate I have been quite unable to tolerate Other Brands! True: any attempt to swap teas and drink Another Brand lands me in the suds. I mean; it tastes awful: like the tea itself was made, and kept for 12 years in cardboard. I think you get the picture?!

    Well they don’t sell this particular tea here – or at least, not very often: and if I were to travel to the shop that provides this rather delicious tea, I’d have to book a flight to Ireland! Yeah . . . it’s like that! I once tried to wangle it to have it sent out to us by way of accommodating relations who live over there but I could not bring myself to ask . . . Suppose it was a dreadful inconvenience to who ever. Well, with rellies; you can’t risk that!

    Now I am contemplating a day filled with weeping weather – a 50-shades of grey sodden landscape and I wonder what happened to my Sunday buzz. though I don’t really wonder of course. It has fallen into the Can’t Be Done file for now; my usual urgent desire to handle ‘cabin fever’ (i.e. being confined all week – that is, being indoors for more than it’s worth) well it looks to me like that might have to go on hold for now – or at least until the weather clears..

    I am completely aware of the feel that comes when I can’t come and talk to my dear audience- there is a huge and urgent feeling which goades all sorts of wild searches via the google thing but there seem to be a sad lack of possibilities and I need a page that is font-and colour friendly and which is not too stuffy..

    Until next post
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    mumbled "Sometimes . . ."

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    Sometimes you close the door on yourself, and everyone else too.
    Some concern, anxiety or weighty problem takes hold and the response is to withdraw into yourself. Of all the possible ways of dealing with upsets, this one is the worst, because you’re already hurting; and shutting yourself away from everything just makes it feel worse.
    Having said that; sometimes a little ‘alone’ time can help while you traverse the negative energies which were brought about by some incident or circumstance. It’s never going to be easy when something comes up and devours your peace, sets your heart thumping, and brings a feeling of doom.
    Futures are made up from time, and time is like ‘now’ . . . but sometimes ‘now’ is just too painful. You cannot leap forward into the future, and so you withdraw into some space which is neither here, nor is it past time, or in the future. It is exclusively a time and place created by it’s author, and used until one has sorted out their feelings.
    Making that place for yourself to heal after any trauma is part of the way we survive harrowing times in life. Often after a period of quiet, one finds that although it was overwhelming for a while, you find a path back to the world of normality, and open the door once more, to let in the sunshine, fresh air, and more importantly, yourself, and others.
    Death and despair are out there; they are part of life whether we like it or not. How you deal with threats along those lines will mark your days and influence your journey throughout your lifetime.
    Gathering strength from looking at times you could do something about things is an exercise well worth applying. A life is made up of great moments where you were able to deal with things, culminating in winning times; and of course, moments when you were slammed up against something of a negative nature.
    Reaching out can often turn the tide of how quickly you will return to the lanes of normalcy in your life.
    Along the way, there are others who may suffer when you are shutting yourself out. It becomes necessary to undo the damage caused, and this is handled with genuine contrition and open-heartedness...

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