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  • Mystically Forbidden

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    Mythical HolocaustLife wasn't easy once the world found out that there were such things as vampires and other mythical creatures. Bella was forced to move to Forks to avoid...

    Hey Guys! Just posted a new chapter! I would really love some feed back, so I can try to become a better writer. If you love Twilight check it out! Were you ever curious to how Twilight would of been if the government found out about all these creature? Let me know what you think <3
  • Mystically Forbidden

    mumbled "New Chapter!"

    Hey everyone just posted a New Chapter for Mythical Holocaust! Check it out and let me know what you think. I felt I had to get out here and do something... Spent all last week in Florida due to my grandmother passing away from cancer... Not a good time, but writing helps so please review <3
  • Mystically Forbidden

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    Just posted a new Chapter for my story Mythical Holocaust! Please check it out! If you like some thriller, drama, romance, and Twilight of course see how you like it! =) Thank You guys!
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