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Four British lads stole my heart and one Irish ate it.

and I seriously wanna kidnap them and hide them in my basement! XD

I'm currently imagining that the five of them is sitting next to me right now ! XD

EYE TUNES !! get it ? Liam and Niall said that... you know when they were live streaming ? Eye tunes ? No ? okay.

One Direction is the Definition of Perfection .

Zayn's hair .
Harry's dimples .
Niall's eyes .
Louis' Bum .
Liam's Biceps .


give me their wax figures and I will Love you forever . like seriously forever . I'm not joking . one day you'll see me kneeling in front of your doorstep holding a dozen dolls of One Direction . tell me I'm creepy because I am . XP

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