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i hate reading! I love writing though. I don't hate reading but some of the book are really boring. I love reading in Movellas better for some reason! When I found out about Movellas I started love reading.

Info about me
Favorite color: Mint blue
Favorite animal: Dolphins
Favorite quote: Always be yourself!
Favorite food: soup or taco!!!!!
Favorite thing: My phone or WiFi
Favorite book(Real life): The Great Wall of Luck Wu
Favorite genre: Mystery

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Thank you description! <3

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    mumbled "Prank gone wrong"

    3 days agoReply
    I play a game. There was this person that joined our group and we all hated him so they kick him out. So I decided to do that and leave the group and pretended to be him. I did and they all got mad of the person I am... I laugh until they kicked me out lol. But the next day when I join(with my real name).... they kicked me out..I don’t know if they know though... Any advice??
     Mikayla Hardin
    3 days ago
    You shouldn't play pranks on people. They go wrong sometimes...I would apologize and then ask to join again.
    Book Maker
    3 days ago
    I honesty did not thought they would take it seriously..
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