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Hey There!
My Name Is Mranda Dian Beach And I Am Fourteen. I Enjoy Writing Poetry. I am very depressed, i cut, and i hate my life. i want to die and i hate myself.

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    .....This Is.....I.....Wow....I Love It.....
    Demon Thoughts
    Demon Thoughts
    Young, wild tempered, outcast, Rhea was born into a life of trouble. For as long as she remembered she's hated everything people have put her in, and always had unconcious thoughts ordering her on what...
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    mumbled "Heyy Ya'll"

    Hello All! I'm New Here And I'm Very Much Enjoting It!!
    5 years ago
    Haha hello! I didn't realise you were new... welcome! Very impressive start, I'll keep my eye open for you, my young Padawan (Star Wars banter, sorry!)
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Oh, and Happy Easter too. And season's greetings and many happy returns for everything I've missed! :P
    Thank You So Much! :)
    .Yes Niall I will marry u
    Umm do you really cut yourself because that's what it say's on your profile picture!
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