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    Chapter one(Darcy's POV):
    There I was blurred at a party this guy walks up to me and asked if I wanted to hang out little did I know that he was going to get me drunk. So he walks up to a room holding my hand he was such a gentleman I was in love. But then he says strip for me so of coarse I do I mean I was drunk. This part I don't remember clearly it happened so quick for me. He started kissing my neck rubbing me thighs no one has ever touched me like that. Then he pulls of my underwear he starts walking then we fall on a bed. I was scared. My nails digging into his shoulders letting out an occasional groan. He said "does this make you happy." I never saw him again.

    Harry's POV
    I was at a party half drunk I walk over to a girl wanting to hang out. I might have gotten her drunk. My friend tells me to take her to "the room."she was scared. I was to. I said "you wanna strip for me?"so she does she was drunk. This was slow I didn't want to rich anything you know what I mean. I was kissing her neck , we were kissing,I was rubbing her thighs ,and whispering in her ear "it's alright I'm scared to ." I walk to the bed I fall on her on purpose obviously. Then we go at it she was digging her nails into my shoulders I didn't care though. I never saw her again.

    Tell me what you think please if you like I'll keep going if not I'll stop here

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