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Hi! I'm a student who studies maths. I'm not a native English speaker so I may make mistakes (it would be great if you tell me then :D).

I like cats very much. And owls... And crocodiles... And... And... And penguins! They are cuties. (*/▽\*)

I'm no more a student. :)

I like j-, k- and c-dramas and manga. I like k-dramas the most. <3

  • Myla.Lastivka

    mumbled "Hello guys!"

    How have you been? I wasn't active much the last several weeks. I had (and still am going to have) guests and the summer made me quite lazy.

    At last I wrote something new. Its a fairy tale about a little snail which was afraid to come out of its shell. I hope you'll like it. ;)

    A Snail and its ShellA short fairy tale about a small snail which was afraid to leave its comfortable shell.
    Mrs Panda
    1 years ago
    1 years ago
    @[Mowse], Hi! How are you doing?
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