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  • My Name Is England

    mumbled "I'm new here...."

    Hullo! My name is England. Before you question me as to whether or not that is actually what I'm called, I will say this: that is not my real name. Rather a pseudonym that I use for protection.
    I came here to practice my writing skills and receive feedback. I plan to be a journalist when I am older, and in preparation for this job, I am going to post a story with my opinions on the many things that the world faces today, as well as the things I deem to be worth ranting about. It will be called 'The Controversial Thoughts of Miss England Avery'.
    I hope that you... hm, people of Movellas find my attempt at writing to be.... acceptable, I suppose I can say.
    1 years ago
    Welcome to Movellas, England. I hope you will be greeted and treated as warmly on here as everybody else.
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