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Ellie - 14.. I've always loved to read and write especially poetry it's a way of me dealing with my major emotions

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    mumbled "Everday"

    Everyday I fall for you harder
    Every night your in my dreams
    Every second I see your smile
    Every minuite it fades away
    I miss you
    I miss you
    I miss you so
    That even now
    My heart beats loud
    Every day I fall
    Even more in love with you
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    mumbled "Tears if red"

    Like tiny droplets they cascaded down her cheek

    Crystal clear like a mirror they shone

    "I'm fine " she said a clear lie to the face

    He took her in his warm embrace

    But even that wasn't enough to fend of the rain

    Nothing he did could end her pain

    The torment her mind had driven her to

    He whispered the soft words "I love you"

    This caused another session of royal red tears

    To flow not from her eyes

    But from her pain she had hidden in the rain
    6 years ago
    This is a great poem and you should make both your blogs into movellas! If you have time would you mind checking out my poem: The ink of my legacy, thanks x
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