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  • Music_Queeen

    mumbled "Gangnam Style"

    Everywhere you go its 'Oopa Gangnam Style!'. I am sick of it! I know the song and I like the song but it is way to over played! I have nothing against the song but I dont love it. PSY is over played!

    Tell me what song or artist you think I should blog about next!

  • Music_Queeen

    mumbled "Carly Rae Jepsen"

    Call Me Maybe was a good song,yes. It was so over played. Everything was 'Call Me Maybe!' and I was tired of it... I have heard her live,like on TV,I think she sucks live. We know she doesn't lip sing cause her recorded song's sound so much better. I dont like her at all. And did you know she is older than Adele AND Lady GaGa! Crazy right?

    Tell me what artist or song you think I should blog about next!
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