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  • music is my life
    Awesome story!!! Carry on
    1 hour
    1 hour
    There's a lot you can do a lot in 1 hour: cook and eat your dinner, go shopping, watch TV. But can you save the world? It's a thousand years in the future and we've finally found intelligence in another...
  • music is my life
    I lay there silently, in the dark room. Has he found me yet...i hope not. I hold my breath as the wooden floor creaks from outside the room. He's here. he's come to get me...to steal my life. the door creaks open. hes in the room. from the light outside, i can see he's holding the knife that i killed him with, the dank blood dripping from the murderous tip. he looks around. this is the room that i killed him in. This is the place where he wants to kill me. DARN! why am i so stupid?! he knew i'd come here because i thought it'd be the safest place in the street. Number 13, Hallows Close. The road at a dead end. No escape.
    He's heard my heavy breathing. I never meant to kill him, but now he wants revenge. he was an old man. I did something wrong that i shouldn't have done, and he knew about it. He was gonna expose me to the cops. I killed him to save my own skin. I didn't mean to. I couldn't let the cops find the body, so i fed him to the dogs. He knows what i did. He wants to do the same to me. He is a poltergeist-an evil ghost that harms you.

    he walks over to where im hunched up in the shadows. His heavy boots clonking on the wooden floorboards of Hallow's (abandoned) Old People's Home. He breaths heavily in my face. The stench of blood on him is pounding up my nose. I have a headache. im having an illusion. I see blood on my hands-the blood from his chest.
    "make peace with your Gods" he says in a gruff voice.
    "HELP M-"...
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