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HI, my name is Mara but I also go by Lemon-Square, Margarita, Tequila, Flagpole, Bae, and way to many more!! ☺♥☺ I'm currently 15 years old and would love to be married to at least 5 people, let me make you a list.....shall we?
1) Matthew Espinosa
2) Michael Clifford
3) Logan Lerman
4) Josh Hutcherson
5) Dylan O'Brien
So there's these people who I will never meet in real life.....the rest are from books I read. Pathetic, I know.
I'm a huge 5 Seconds of Summer fan (Thanks to my friend Lily) and Magcon (I found Magcon myself)!!
I love love love love love pizza!
I can be very entertaining and energetic whenever I choose to be.
I hate Pretzels, Popcorn, Pickles, Pears........ but not everything with a P ; )
I'm very surprised that my parents have sill not sent me to a boarding school yet or even a mental hospital, they must REALLY love me.
My current boyfriend is WiFi (I'm on him everyday) I sadly had to dump Wattpad and expand to the whole internet. But me and Wattpad are still very close friends (I see him everyday)
I live in America but this continent sucks crap so i want to move very far away with the only few people that don't drive me even more insane.
I'm EXTREMELY perverted!
My biggest fear is leaving my bed(room)!!!!!
If you do choose to follow me for some unknown reason then I'm adopting you as my child. We shall live in the magical land of Fairytopia (but not the Barbie kind, that's made-up)
Some people clam me to be Emo or Psychotic. I like the words Punk-Rock and Abnormal better.
I am very socially awkward but all you have to do is make me laugh and your my new friend!!
I like bands. I'm not going to go to the extent of writing them all down, theirs just WAY WAY WAY to many of them for me to event name or think of.
Some quotes I like:
"Live simply so others can simply live"
"Id rather be hated for who i am, than loved for something I'm not"
"The quietest people have the loudest minds"
Adios, new friends. Join me if you dare!!!!☺
Bye - Mara xx

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