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"My name is Elaine and I like to write =P"
-Elaine 'rockin.with.the.beets
Ello fellow people of the internet. I'm gonna try and make this short and sweet.
My name is Elaine and I love to read,write,draw,and listen to music. My taste in reading ranges between historical fiction to adventure. My writing is usually fanfiction,anything from One Direction to 5 Seconds of Summer. I sometimes write fiction,but I'm trying to more write fiction. Drawing is something I'm probably worst at than anything I'll ever do. Some people would beg to differ,but I never listen because I'm a stubborn butt. Then the last category,music. The category which is all over the place. From One Direction to American Authors. 5 Seconds of Summer to The Fray.
So that's me in a nutshell =P

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    I love it!Update please =)
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