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    Good, but I have a few things to say. 1st, it's a bit racist that Niall ordered an Irish coffee. I mean, just because he's Irish doesn't mean he's gonna get every single thing that has something to do with Ireland. 2nd, why did Louis have to look up the name of the café if there would be the name in front of the café? 3rd, why did you put the link for the coffees? Nobody's going to look them up, really. 4th, not all Americans know what Tim Horton's is, so saying that "Timmies" is short for Tim Hortons won't really help. Other than that, it's good ^_^ ~ Jennifer
    Where The Road Starts
    Where The Road Sta...
    With celebrities comes drama, and there is entirely too much of it in their lives already without the paparazzi following their every move. Andrea and Kyra never thought that their trip to Paris, France...
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