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    mumbled "I'm Here For You ( Harry Styles FIC)"

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    #Imagine In 14 years you travel to london and then...

    ______(YN):WoW I Love This City,Wait,I Remember My First Celebrity Crush Was Born Here...HAHAHAHAHA I Remember How Much I Loved Him...wait,I Still Loving him....And Even If Now I Grew Up..I Still In Love With Him.....And I'd Never Meet Him.... :'( Aww,I remember...But I Wont Cry It Was Just A Stupid Crush...Hahahahaha
    Then you Walked Away...

    ______(YN):I'm going to forget him again,C'mon I GREW UP!!!

    So you walked and then you cannot believe who you where looking at...

    ______(YN):OMG!!Hahahahaha I'm Still Obsessed!Now I see Someone with his hair!!
    Harry: Hi Babe,do you remember me??
    ______(YN): Euh....H-H-I *blushing*
    Harry: *smiling* What's Your Name?
    ______(YN): M-M-Y Name Is.......______(YN)
    Harry:Ok,so your name is ___(YN)
    Harry: I Like It!!
    ______(YN):Th-th-th-anks..... *blushing*
    Harry: Are You Okay?? *takeyourhand*
    ______(YN):Yes... *smilingattheground*
    Harry:So,why are your hands trembling?? *laughthing*
    ______(YN):Euhhh......I-I-I LOVE YOU.....
    Harry: .......
    ______(YN):EUHHHHH.....!!!GOTTA GOOO!!! *runingaway*

    Then,tears fall from your eyes and you stop runing and turn,then you run to Harry's arms and you give to him the biggest hug EVER!!! You cry because you remember that when you where young you always said that someday you will hug him and that you will  marry him,you will remember the posters,the tweets,you will remember it all!!! and cry again....Then Harry Will Say:

    -Don't cry,I'm Here For You..

    Then you will smile and kiss him passionatly....
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    mumbled "Directioner Story"

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    My Directioner Story:
    One Day I Was In The Car And I Was A Little Bit Sad,I Felt Ugly And I Felt Something Missing In My Life,Until I Turned The Radio On And Then.......I Heard: *Music* You're Insecure,Don't Know What For....Then I Said To MySelf: WOW THIS BOYS HAVE TALENT,I DON'T KNOW WHO THEY ARE BUT I LOVE THEY!!!
    Then I Remembered Than Before Turning Up The Radio I Felt Ugly And Sad...Then,They Maked Me Feel Beautiful In 3:26 Minutes!!
    Two Days After,I Wached All The Video Diarys,All The X-Factor Auditions.....Then Every Day I Learned Facts And Wached Videos Of The Boys.....THEN I SAID TO MYSELF : I Don't Wanna Be A Directionator!! I Wanna Be A True Directioner!!!And I Love Them All 
    Equally!!!Niall Is Just So Perfect He Shouldn't Care About The People Who Say That His Teeth Are Ugly,For Me They Are Perfect.....#PROUDDIRECTIONER4EVER
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    mumbled "Celebrity Crush"

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    #Imagine he follows you and DM's you this on twitter:
    This Is Us,You And Me,
    You Are My Girlfriend.
    Don't Cry,
    I Won't Let You Cry,
    I Know You Exist,I Know How Much You Love Me.
    I Know It's Bad What People Say About You Just Because You Love Me,
    I'm Sorry About It.
    I'm Sorry I Can't Met You Right Now,
    But You Have To Know I'm Doing Everything For You.
    I Close My Eyes And Imagine That You Are Here Next To Me,
    I Want You To Imagine This Too.Don't Cry Please, Just Smile.
    I Want You.I Like You.I Love You.
    Promise Me You Love Me Too.No Matter What They Say About You.
    You Know I'm Not Just Your Idol,I'm Yours,And You Are Mine,I Don't Share You.
    No,I Don't Want You To Have A Boyfriend,I Am Your Boyfriend.
    Just Close Your Eyes,Smile,I'm Here Next To You,I LOVE YOU <3
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    mumbled "Directioners*"

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    Seen 'Crazy About One Direction'?
    If not, watch then reevaluate that first statement
    Aaannddd, perhaps the second
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    mumbled "Smiler Story"

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    My Smiler Story:
    When I Was A Little Girl I Loved The Show Hannah Montana I Whached All The Episodes,Then When The Show Ended....I Forgot About Her,Then 1 Year After,My Friend Gived To Me Hanna's Poster...But My Father Throw It At The Garbage Cause He Don't Wanted Me To Take Miley's Steps,Then Months After I Buyed A Magazine,In the Magazine Where 2 Posters Of Hannah And I Said To My Self: Put The Posters In A Folder And When You Grew Up Open It And Remember,Then 2 Year's After,My Mom Gived To Me A Hannah Montana Case Then I Was Like "Are You Kidding Me,I Grew Up" And She Was Like " You Loved Her..." Then I Was Like " Ok,I'm Going To Put This In My ShcoolBag"
    Months After,My Friend Said To Me: Do You Like Hannah Montana? And I Said : Yes! Then She Said:Me Too,I'm Going To Give You This Pencil Case So I Said: Thank You!!!!
    Then...A Month After I Buyed Miley,Demi,Jonas Stickers Then I Stuff My Wardrobe Dor With It.
    Then My Mom Changed My Wardrobe And I Throw It All!!!!
    Then When My Father Where Traveling,He Buyed To Me Hannah Montanna Stuff,Magazines,Posters,Books.......And Two Years After Throw It All
    Then YEAAAARRRSSS After All...I Was In The Shcool Me And My Friend Went To The Nursery(Don't Know What For) We Saw So Many Kids Watching A Movie...It Was "The Last Song" Then I Listened To "The Climb" "When I Look At You" And "Stay" Yes,It Was Miley...
    And In 2013 I Listened To We Can't Stop And Fell In Love Again With Her,Her Talent,Her Music,But Now I'm Not Going To Forget Her Anymore.....She's My Idol,A Legend!!!!
    4 years ago
    Finally someone still loves her for who she is and because she's already grown up :)
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