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    sorry I didn't like it .
    too long for me and the guys sound so horrible in it except liam ...let me guess Harry's your least favourite ... he's my fav so please don't make him sound bad
    [rare updates, sorry] When you fall in love with someone, what more can you do than to love them unconditionally even if it ends terribly? What happens if this person is your polar opposite and wrong...
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    Thank you for giving an honest opinion! Actually, I don't have a least favorite. Yeah, I like Niall a little more, but I like Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis just as much. And I know it may be lengthy, but that's how I write. I guess I could shorten the chapters. I don't like giving the story away, but they aren't as horrible as they sound. But still, thanks for the feedback! [:
  •  ?Mrs. Styles ?
    age . 17
    hair . Blackish brown
    eye color. dark brown
    what boy . Harry
    what happens . Taylor Swift ( ugly face ) tries to steal back Harry ...but harry doesn't ever want to look at her anymore ...he's got me ...But when of them kissing , ended up all over the Internet ... I didn't know what to do ?! so I went to Louis' flat ( also Harry's , but I knew he was out ) to ask for advice ... because I had the key , I walked into the door seeing * Louis and Eleanor * doing something naughty ! I closed the door and decided to go niall house and chat with him ... though I can't get the image of Louis and Eleanor * out of my head ...can you finish the rest for me ..bad things happen amd me and harry break up and make up and realises that the photo was just a way of getting harry wanting taylor ( taylor that B**** did it of course ) then she writes a really bad song about it ..... harry propose to me in the end ..
    if you can put all this in the imagine that would be really nice ..thanx
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Well, I will be writing 1D imagines can apply in the comments. Can you fill in these details in the comments? : Name: Age: Looks: Which boy: what do you want to happen:
  •  ?Mrs. Styles ?
    loved it , please write more up ! plus can you please put my name in it ? grace ) my name for Harry's ex or best friend
    and Lola ) my bestie , for niall's girlfriend !
    oh and do you have a twitter I'll follow you!
    Does He Know? (Harry styles fanfic)
    Does He Know? (Har...
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    Yea what's your name
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