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I love One Direction so much cause' it's not an obsession it's a dedication and it's simple but effective, ya' know? ;P

I'm a Canadian and I dont like maple syrup. Deal with it.

I'm from the same province as Justin Bieber. Ya that's right, start fan girling ;)

I dont like bananas or appple juice (yes i know i spelt 'apple' wrong but I think it should have three p's.)

Leeyum Payne <33

I ship Narry and Niam and Ziam.

I love Cher Lloyd, the Janoskians, Harry Potter and Austin Mahone,

I LOVE Justin Bieber.

I hate The Wanted, sorrryyyy.
I love Honey Boo Boo, chicken nuggets and pickles! :)

I'm mentally dating One Direction.

So yeah, if your lost, follow meh.


Hazza, Boo Bear, Nialler, Leeyum, Dj Malik and I say byeeeeeeeeeeee.

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    Hope you guys like it :)
    It All Started At The Bakery (Harry Styles fan fiction)
    It All Started At...
    Bella was a normal girl, had a job, went to school, had crushes. She worked in a bakery in her home town, Holmes Chapel. One of her co workers went to her school, he was awfully cute and cheeky. Bella's...
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