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    Update this is cool
    Double Life // 5SOS/LM
    Double Life // 5SO...
    Perrie Edwards is a shy girl who hides under sweaters and beanies. She has almost no friends, and trys not to speak to anyone who she doesn't wish to befriend. The people at her school who do ever socialize...
  • Mrs Payne Forever
    to many tears
    to many tears
    (a liam Payne fan fic) Georgia is just a normal girl that goes to east wood high she has been best friends with liam Payne in boy band one direction ever since pre-school she never really thought...
    4 years ago
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    Update pwease
    Only Him
    Only Him
    "I never want to see you again,EVER!" This was the last hing she ever said to the boy she loved, she spent 2 years trying to forget him but it's hard when he's famous and it get's harder when he is taking...
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    Oh my gosh I love this story do you know how you have to swipe to go to the next page on the last page I was oh no it's done!!! I love this story beacause I love liam payne so I kept saying that the y/n was me and that he was going to break up with Sophia and go with I love the story it's awesome please update
    cry me a river // l.p
    cry me a river //...
    You had an ordinary life until your best friend introdused you to Liam James Payne..
    4 years ago
    omgosh just saw this. thank you so so much. ♥ i'm sorry i'm taking so long but i have so much homework. i promise i'll update this friday/weekend. love you and thanks again. ♥
  • Mrs Payne Forever
    I love this story too much please update
    wait siblings ??!??!?!
    wait siblings ??!?...
    Tessie is 5, and Starleen is 15. They were never told their last name and the only thing they know about their parents are that they died when Starleen was 5. They have been living with their Aunt for...
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