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hi my names jasmin and im 13 i know it says i live in ireland but i really live in northern ireland i have brown hair and brown eyes

  • Mrs onedirectionxx
    please update
    Your so pretty when you cry
    Your so pretty whe...
    Amy was a normal girl living in England, London, her friend Cindy had a cousin Harry who moved into the same block with his four friends. Harry takes a liken to Amy and she likes him back but she wont...
  • Mrs onedirectionxx
    Please update :))
    That Should Be Me
    That Should Be Me
    I'm 18, and I live alone in a big house after my parents were killed a few years ago. Everything they owned is now in my possession. I finally except the fact that my parents are gone, but I wish they...
  • Mrs onedirectionxx
    Your the smoke to my high
    Your the smoke to...
    I couldn't help but notice the boy that none of the girls had introduced to me yet, he was perfect looking, he looked like the bad boy type, short hair, black leather jacket and black boots, sly smirk,...
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