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  • Mrs. niallhoran
    name: Chloe boy: all Dirty idea: studying at my house when we start to have fun; )
    One Direction Imagine (Clean/Dirty)
    One Direction Imag...
    hey guys i just felt like doing one of these so just give me you name and what boy you want and tell me if you want it clean or dirty and an idea of what you want to happen and i'll get it to you as soon...
  • Mrs. niallhoran
    update or I'm gonna die!!!!!
    Unwanted Love (16+)
    Unwanted Love (16+...
    Ella made one big mistake that led to more. And it all stared at a party.They were playing spin the bottle and it happened to land on Harry and then on Ella and that's wen the mistakes begon. Then there...
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