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Hello people on my page!
As you can see my name is Laura.
I am know as random, annoying.My friends say i have a very bubbly personality.
I have a low-self confidence so no hate please.
I get bullied most of the days of the year but I have made up my mind not let them get to me. I am sick i tired to always be pushed around so please no hate.
I am in the top year 8 class, and i have a few dumb blonde moments .
I am a huge directioner, some may say "obsessed" but i like to think extremely dedicated.
My life dream is to move out of my mum and dads house by the age of around 18 and move to the UK to get away from my bullies.
i like to think i am a strong person but deep down i know i am not. Well that is all for now!
my fave quote
' Crying doesn't mean you weak but have been strong for far to long'

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