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Hi! I'm maleah. I'm a directionier<3 I have no favorite. I love them all!!

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    Maleah and zayn. um I've got long brown hair and brown eyes. I look like a twig but I got curves. dirty?(;
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Just alot of imagines if you want one give me the below your name boy dirty or sweet eye colour hair color hair length and describe the setting or theme or give me an idea
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    hi my names maleah. can me and zayn meet at a party and hook up?(;
    ♡ One Direction Imagine's ♡
    ♡ One Direction...
    if you want one don't comment here on this movella comment on my only other one its part two of this because i felt like this one is filled with as much as it can. thank you cutie. love you.
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    name: Maleah Robles
    hieght: 5ft
    habits:playing with my fingers, fixing my outfit.
    fears: dark,spiders,hieghts.
    obsessions: perfect hair and makeup.
    personality: hyper. party animal. vvery outgoing. speaks mind.
    looks: brown curly long hair and brown eyes. I look like a twig but I have curves
    from: unites states. oregon.
    boy: zayn malik or harry styles(:
    plot: that's up to you<33
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    So, I've been debating on doing this or not, but I figure I won't get many requests anyway, so here are some imagines! If you want one, I need to know this: Name; Age; Height; Personality; Strange...
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    omg update
    Dark  [Niall Horan]
    Dark [Niall Horan...
    Maybe it's all a joke, a prank. No one would genuinely like me this much to keep trying--to keep chasing after me, day after day. No one would hurt me the way he does. No one would ever like me the...
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    omg. I'm dead. update plz!
    Trouble Maker (Finished)
    Trouble Maker (Fin...
    Zayn is a player. Hazel is a innocent girl. When Hazel falls in love with Zayn, she is afraid he will play her just like he did the others. Will he stand by her? Or will he betray her like he did before?
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