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Im a HUGE Directioner and I am also a big fan of music, dancing, and writing. I dont consider myself a good writer, but I still try. My role model is Danielle Peazer. She is an amazing dancer! I love the Olympics and John Joe Nevin from MGar!!!

  • Mrs.Horan1D
    5 years agoReply
    I absolutely LOVE this. Keep writing! My life depends on it. 0.0
    Little Malik
    Little Malik
    Jenna Malik is Zayn Malik's little sister, she was forced to move to America. Zayn plans on getting her back. Will it be easy? Maybe... Will there be romance? Maybe... You'll just have to read and find...
    5 years ago
    Haha, I will later today:)!x
  • Mrs.Horan1D
    5 years agoReply
    I. Love. It. xD
    Smile, You're On Camera
    Smile, You're On...
    Amelia Ferguson is a famous singer from America. She has an amazing life, the money, the fans, the fame. But when a nasty conversation between her and an ex found it's way into the media's hands, Amelia...
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