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hey my little hipstaaaas. ^-^ lmaaaao. okaaay well i hope you like my fanfics. mmmmkaaay bye . xx love youuu , all.

  • mrs.horaannn
    Hey it's got to 500 now add more chapters not just one at a time please :c it's super duper good. & I know you work hard on it . & some ppl like this story. :) so you should post more chapters. k? Kay (:
    *OLD* I Couldnt Believe It
    *OLD* I Couldnt...
    check out the improved one on my profile nothing here
    They're favorites lol the other number is likes (: and aww thanks ill try to post more chapters k lol <3
  • mrs.horaannn
    a girl please . More romance and drama :D
    This Love Lasts for an Eternity (Sequel to One Last Kiss)
    This Love Lasts...
    Can we get a plot twist?! PLOT TWIIIIIIIIIIST! ~Brooke xx
    5 years ago
    Oh it's a girl for sure.. But name? We're thinking Ariana maybe?
    Or Adriana?
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