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Hey guys. I'm Carina. I love One Direction, Black Veil Brides, The Wanted, Sleeping With Sirens, and Pierce The Veil. I know weird combinations.
Harry Potter isn't over, it goes on forever. Fred is my husband, no one would believe the amount of time I have spent crying over him

My favorite person in:
BVB: CC and Andy (I love them all though)
1D: Niall
PTV: Jaime
SWS: Kellin
TW: Jay
HP: Fred

What I do with my life is really read fanfictions and listen to music. I know...I'm not interesting. Well...bye

  • Mrs.Fred_Weasley
    Please update. I love this
    Andy Online
    Andy Online
    Kina is scene and loves Black Veil Brides. When she gets a friend request from a cute guy on MSN, she is thrilled! But what she doesn't know is, the guys he has been talking too is Andy Biersack.
    Jasey Rae
    5 years ago
    Aw thanks! :)
  • Mrs.Fred_Weasley

    mumbled "Rant #1"

    Why Girls Think They Will Have a Chance With Celebrities
    By C_Biersack

    Girls ages 10-15 think they have a chance with celebrities ages 17-30. They think this because they don't want to think they won't have a boy to spend the rest of their life with. They spend so many hours, and days looking up pictures, videos, and GIFs to just have a glimpse of the person. Girls know they will never have a chance with them, but they want to believe they do. They have terrible days, and those celebrities make them feel better. Whether it's a fictional character like Damon Salvatore or a real person like Kellin Quinn, people believe they have a chance because those people bring them up when they're down, they make those girls feel beautiful, or they just give them a laugh every now and again. Never judge a girl for it, or tell them they won't have a chance because that hurts them. Just let them believe while they can. It'll be a good ending in the long run. Trust me, that's coming from a teenager who knows all of this.
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