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Hiya;} I'm Louise...14&from the UK.

I have anxiety so I worry too much about everything, INCLUDING the stories I put on here. I do take criticism as long as it's constructive.

Don't look at my profile picture, you'll be blinded for life, guaranteed. Sorreyy ;L

Kbye. Love you all <333

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  • Mrs.Christofer-Ingle
    Hey, this is a really good, intriguing start :) cant wait for the next chapter!
    please read my story - Hypnotic Pull and Short Stories :) thankyou xo
    Not Just Any Teen Diary
    Not Just Any Teen...
    ♥I'm in love with you And all your little things♥
    5 years ago
    Thanks for the lovely comment but I hate advertising :)
  • Mrs.Christofer-Ingle
    Ohmygod, by the end of this i was actually crying and smiling wayyy too much o;
    you're such a talented author! I literally cant wait until the sequel :D:D -will it be a new movella or in this movella?
    The Boy From Ireland
    The Boy From Irela...
    "Class, this is Niall Horan." Had I known that those five words would completely change my life, I would have never affiliated myself with Niall. Okay, maybe I wasn't happy with my life, but I didn't know...
    5 years ago
    A new one. But if you like this please check out my other movellas :)
  • Mrs.Christofer-Ingle
    this is really good!
    please check out my movella - short stories - thank-you:)x
    Call For A Murderer; One Direction; COMPLETED<3
    Call For A Murdere...
    Eimer, Paige, Chelsea, Maria and Perrie having a sleep over, Liam, Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn turn up. Whem Eimer suggests they prank call a number, they do it however with no answer they left it. A...
  • Mrs.Christofer-Ingle
    This is really good :) The only criticism is that you need to slow the romance down a bit, to make it more realistically believable, I'd say it would take any of the boys in real life a minimum of a week - but other then that, it's perfect :)
    Please go check out my movella - Short Stories
    Thank-you :Dx
    Love me before I die {1D}
    Love me before I...
    Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band...
  • Mrs.Christofer-Ingle
    Wow, this is amazing! Please write more :') ..I love how it's different to most other books people make - I'd say slow it down a little though - thats the only criticism i can give, other than that, it's perfect :')
    My Guardian Angel
    My Guardian Angel
    Kerrry Smith is a young witch who finds love in a boy who is literally: heaven sent This is a crossover between charmed (leo, is their Guardian angel and they have the book of shadows and the main characters...
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