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I love O2L, Magcon Boys, Acacia Clark, One Direction, 5SOS, and many more!!!

You are now my fans so your a Cloud. Anywhore if you don't like my books then leave its simple:) If you are a bitch then I will find your house and kill you.......JK I'm not that mean.......sometimes... Ok whatever my name is Molly, but I liked to get called Cloud. I'm weird no need to tell me o.O So you like candy? I do!!! My favorite is Trolli Gummiworms... You know the one that's blue and a pinkish red color? That pinkish red color is red and if you disagree, good, grab a chair and wait for me to care:) I'm random.. I like longboarding. I'm SO not a girly girl. Girly girls are boring.... I'm also not normal, cause normal is totally boring. Anywhore I'm done saying random shit so BUH-BYE:)

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