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  • Mrs.Bieber<3
    OMG! Love the story! you have to make the sequel please!! i want to know what harry needs to tell her!
    Just A Friend *Zayn Malik Love Story*
    Just A Friend *Zay...
    Arianna or Aria Vega and Zayn Malik have been best friends since they where born.They know every thing about each other well they did until Aria got a boyfriend and changed a lot.Now Zayn doesn't know...
  • Mrs.Bieber<3
    It is really good so far! please update if you can! XD you got me hooked in this story!
    Lightweight - Justin Bieber
    Lightweight - Just...
    While she lives like a free spirit, he lives under constant monitoring. While she decides her destination, he can do nothing but to follow the road. She loves her life, he has gotten enough of the flash......
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