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  • Mrs.1-Direction
    Wow... I didnt see that coming
    The One That Got Away: (sequal to the summer that changed my life)
    The One That Got...
    Louis has recovered from his leg injuy a few months ago and is having fun on tour. One night when Louis wakes up around 3:30 he see's him. The man that got away after stabbing Louis leg. Louis thinks it...
  • Mrs.1-Direction
    Hi im maria and im new here i just wanted to know how to change my profile pic
    Trust, Hope, and Lust.
    Trust, Hope, and...
    When Jaci takes a trip to England, her sister meets a member of One Direction. Jaci seems jealous because of a summer romance, but when their parents announce they are living there Jaci can't wait to get...
    Cat Direction
    6 years ago
    Hi Maria to change Ur picture u go online type in novellas enter page login Ur email and pass word click on my profile it will show the body thing 4 if picture like it does now click on it upload a picture from Ur computer click it then push save and there should be a picture then go on here and it will have Ur selected picture hope this helped btw check out my story Harry's summer romance thnx bye
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