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    A Harry one and my nome is emily
    One Direction Imagines
    One Direction Imag...
    Okay, so I will write imagines. Just comment your name, what boy you want it with, what you want to happen, if you want it to be happy/sad and any other details you'd like to give me :)
  • Mrs.1D243
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    Emily 19 blonde hair with blue eyes Harry extremely dirty
    1D- very dirty imagines-
    1D- very dirty ima...
    JUST PUT IN THE COMMENTS . name .age .boy .features .dirty .very dirty .super dirty .extreme dirty
  • Mrs.1D243
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    Update really soon it's very origional
    Adopted by One Direction
    Adopted by One Dir...
    This story is about a 1 1/2 year old Teddy who was abused by her mother and father at the age of 5 months (if your asking what kind of parents do this too a 5 month old child these drunken idiots do)...
    Ticia Camp
    5 years ago
    Hiii, would you read my movella? It's called Suddenly, together... and it's about a brazilian directioner/belieber who got the chances to be one of the boys girlfriend... she also has healthy problems... that'd mean so much to me if you like, favorite and comment on it. Advices, ideas and opnions are WELCOMED. :) xx
  • Mrs.1D243
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    Can I be a best friend, my name is emily I have shoulder length hiar with blue\green eyes tanks
    Not Going This Time
    Not Going This Tim...
    I had Darcy about 3 years ago. Harry doesn`t know, I`ve never told him about her. He`s off being famous. When One Direction comes in town Darcy really wants to see them! I do too I mean I`m 19! Yes I...
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