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So I am like you know that time when you go to an its always very intimidating when the sky crunches the clouds with those strange things.

  • Mr Freeman
    4 years agoReply
    Marat the problem is that in the previous stories Izzala did not want to come back to dordonos and find the boy, while in your story it is the complete opposite.
    In The Sky Chapter 4
    In The Sky Chapter...
    This story is made to enter the branching competition. Its kind of bad.
  • Mr Freeman
    5 years agoReply
    Good but it will become more boring if the ret of the chapters would just continue in the train.
    In The Sky- Chapter 3 - The Ruby Red Blade of Inhuman Blood
    In The Sky- Chapte...
    Chapter 3-The Ruby Red Blade of Inhuman Blood *A third chapter to the 'In The Sky' branch competition for the second story starting with the second chapter by 'Genny Lawerence' called 'Blood'.* *This...
    5 years ago
    I don't think that'll be the case as I crashed the train right at the end of the chapter, to create dramatic effect and whatnot so unless there's a ghost train....... -dun, dun...DUN!!!!- that won't happen!
    But I don't actually know what will be happening in the future because of it being in the 'branching' competition, so there will be others writing the future chapters, which will be really interesting as I really want to see what they're planning to take this!
    Thanks for taking the time to read it!!!
    Tory B :)
    4 years ago
    I dunno.... i guess if anyone entered there entry (the branching competition) for chapter 4 for mine, they'd be able to go intio more detail on whats happening at the end and take this story further and so forth....
    Tory B :)
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