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I am teacher and love stories...

  • Mr.Echo

    mumbled "Criminal Trader"

    4 years agoReply
    Senior officer with a Russian guns in his fingertips, while he was highly intoxicated , entered officer 's room and he got close to deputy commander and shot, John Wigard went to hell.
    Attorney General - Mr. Larvyn should not have the word "hell" use about the deputy commander.
    Larvyn - About a man who raped his friend wife , what can I say, huh?
    Attorney General - Anything but understand
    Governor - enough men , enough for today , Mr. Larvyn I am tire now , go out.
    Larvyn - I remember , what you told people for achieve political power.
    Now, You don't care about your slogans.
    Attorney General - to be polite
    Larvyn - Politeness! ! I will definitely don't forget your alarm. ha .
    4 years ago
    this is not compeletly
    it is just Piece story
    if you like I will continue
  • Mr.Echo
    4 years agoReply
    it so good , your poetry surround with hope
    I gave energy with you'
    thanks dude
    Poetry is a way to express your feelings in a string of beautiful words. Here's my try at it.
  • Mr.Echo

    mumbled "The price of the blood of conscience"

    4 years agoReply
    The man looked at his brothers wife and his thinking , he killed himself again and again , before coming brother home.
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