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So... About Moi. Me. Ummm... I like to write, and I go to the Lancaster Royal Grammar School. I'm good friends with Eclecticboy, cos he's come to my school after moving.

Ummm... Cheese.

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    by Mr. ?
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    Yeah, this is pretty cool. I like the way you go through the story. It flows really well.

    One thing, as Eclecticboy kindly pointed out (A friend of mine - He goes to my school) you need to add the 'I' in on the second paragraph.

    Really good though! :)
    Sam is a young barn owl used in war who delivers messages. When she protects a young girl from the Nazi her own life comes at risk. She is captured herself. Sam is taken to a camp and put in a room with...
  • Mr. ?

    mumbled "What Should I Write About Next? All Suggestions Appreciated!"

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    I want to know what to write about. Please tell me in comments.

    Mr. ?
    6 years ago
    OK Lia... I shall do the Day in the life of a carrot when I have done my blog. :P
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