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  • Morgan-E-Malik

    mumbled "Daily Life of a Boring Teenager"

    Yay! So far I have 0 fans!! That's a record! Anyways, don't you just love calculating to find the density of stuff?!
  • Morgan-E-Malik

    mumbled "Daily life of a boring teenager"

    Okay, so I got back from a brief vacation today and now I have to unpack. Who-hoo! �� Tomorrow I have school which is gonna be a pain in butt. I wish I could go swimming every night like I did for the past 2 days! My dad dropped the bomb that we are getting rid of our dog we have had for not even a full month- again ! This time we will be getting a small inside dog. My only condition is we HAVE to keep it forever! We cannot just keep getting and letting go of dogs! Especially since my two younger sisters get attached to them! In a few weeksy dad is getting a different car that he already had but in better shape and a new color! His car works fine-why he needs a new one ? The world may never know.
  • Morgan-E-Malik

    mumbled "Beginners "

    Hey guys! I'm Morgan and since this is my first blog I'm just gonna tell you a little about myself.
    First off, I'm a massive directioner! Second, my best friend of all time is @HarryMyLove !
    I know no one will probably read this blog at all but I don't really care! I have two sisters by blood, and a few by choice! My favourite color is blue ! I have a cat, her name is Sofie. I am socially Aca-ackward... I LOVE Disney and all things Disney! I am in a relationship with four guys ! Harry is taken by @HarryMyLove. So yeah that's about it
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