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  • MonkeyGirl24
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    Hey, this is really good! ;) Just make sure you reread and spellcheck before you publish.
    To the Sea and From the North
    To the Sea and Fro...
    Kenna Wood stumbles through the merciless forest for days. As she journeys, she thinks that oh, this must be what it would have been like, before! This babbling creek, these swaying trees... that's what...
    1 months ago
    This is great! I'm glad I found this. It was worth the read! :-)
    1 months ago
    thanks! I'm currently working on other stories so I likely won't update this for a while, but if you want you can check out my other story a single drop (it's completed, in editing stage)
    1 months ago
    Of course!
  • MonkeyGirl24

    mumbled "Just found my fist ever oc. It's from 2012. I have improved so much since then. I want to do a before and after drawing challenge."

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    What do you guys think?
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