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I am a college student who is pursuing a degree in Journalism and love writing Hetalia fanfictions.

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    mumbled "So, I went to the mall with my friends yesterday...."

    And I was answering a call from my friend because me and another friend was waiting on her. After I hung up, I got so dizzy I almost passed out. That's the first. Of course, being the Christmas season, the mall is packed so I got a little claustrophobic and all. Then people annoyed me because they don't know how to watch out while I'm there, walking with a friend, waiting for the dizziness to pass.

    Worst trip to the mall I ever had.

    But I got me a Link plushie and two Zelda necklaces, a Navi in a bottle one and an Ocarina one.
    2 years ago
    Oh, as well as a Zelda plush blanket from a friend.
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    mumbled "Whoa!"

    Been away too long. Everything has changed o-o...

    Oh, and I'm rewriting my original novel thingy.Hopefully you'll like it better than my first. It's not posted yet so don't try finding it. You'll just find the old terrible one chapter one.
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    mumbled "Camp NaNoWriMo"

    I'm doing Camp NaNoWriMo as the title says and I'm rewriting my Girl Without A Voice story.
    I was reading it over and realized how much my story missed up in the technical sense. But I'm trying too hard to write a new beginning when I can take this beginning and tweak it up a bit. If it's any good, I might make it into a 4 book series. 1 for each year in high school where the main character has a different challenge to face each year. Idk, it's just a thought.
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    mumbled "Just Some Things On My Mind..."

    ~I really love the Hanging Tree song though I have not yet watched Mocking Jay Pt. 1.
    ~I am back in my writing mood and am trying to figure out how to outline. If I only had help, lol.
    ~I need to create a playlist for my story.
    ~One shots One Shots One Shots, I need to do One Shots!

    It's weird. My social anxiety started acting up today and I went swimming with a friend and the pool was packed and I got annoyed and I wanted to yell at these people, but I can't even say "Excuse me" to a little kid. That's just sad.
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