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    Once upon a time there was a man and women who loved eachother affectionatley, their love was so strong that when the women died, her husband didnt have the heart to bury her,so he put her in the attic. Every night he goes up and plays the violin to her.

    150 years later a new family moved in, a man named george, his wife linda and his son and daughter james and lilly. this family had a big gathering to celebrate thier new home. A preist came and warned them tat their is a women in the attic, every halloween she will rise and whoever she see's she would kill them and eat them before dawn. lukily the family beleived the preist, halloween was coming and they prepared themselves. George went to work, he locked the door and told his family to stay in a room which was barricaded. when george came back from work, he opened the door and there he saw the lady, with long white hair and sharp dagger like teeth, her long claws ran accross georges body cutting him in half. He ran upstairs into the bathroom, because there was no time for an ambulance. he found a masking tape and wrapped it around his body. he then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and searched for her. only just he found her in the corner of his living room with her hair covering her face crying, she looked up with her beady red eyes a charged toward george, he held up his knife and stabbed her in the heart, she was dead, for good. that night george died tragically. the next morning james,lilly and linda wanted to leave, but the preist came again and asked why do you want to leave, your husband died for this place, so they stayed.
    NOTE: this is a real story.....
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