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In memory of momon..

by , Wednesday January 11, 2017
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In memory of momon..
It's been 20 years now momon. This story is dedicated to you. Momon.. The cat that have a lot of story. I meet him ( male cat ) first time almost 20 years ago. His mom name Putih. Momon have twin name Chomel. When his mom given birth to momon and chomel, momon seem sick and look he was going to die. His mom left him due to postpartum depression and only take care of chomel. i watch him for a moment. He looks sad and need someone to hold him..even he still little. i take him to my arm. And looking to his eyes. promise him that i will look out for him,taking care as long it taken. We grow together.. Just like a twin. We watch tv together,play together and eat together. Sometime i talking to him. Even he can't talk,but it seem he understand what i say. When i sleeping, i will put a blanket on my body and there will a spot below my feet that he always will be sleeping there. Everyday.. It just like one body with 2 soul.mine and him. Maybe it kinda crazy if anyone read this. But this is a bond of true relationship. i never harsh or angry and always protect him. The moment that i remember is when i go out from my grandmother's house for class, There was a day i forgot and left house key in my room. The door was already lock. He still inside house. I try to open the windows from outside. The most heart touching this is he also try to open the windows from inside. He was the gift from god that understood me before my late grandfather go. But, The sky not always light. The happy not always be permanent. It start to be the worst thing for us. One night, My aunt said to him. Why momon in this house? This house felt smell and my child can't be with a cat in one house. I heard that word from kitchen. I saw from far away that he looks at my aunt for a moment and he go to the kitchen slowly. I felt like a shit and blame myself. Why i can't stood for him when he heard the harsh word from her? Why she said like that? I know this is my grandmother house. Yes, my mom,my sibling and my cat are only live there temporary. But why?? At that time i'm making food for this. Egg fried rice. The one he love. He came to me after been scold by my aunt. Looking at me. With the tear's eye. It's like he will go farther away. My heart felt broken. Next day, He's really gone. I waiting for him.. Everyday.. Every night.. Thinking he will be back. I try to search for him. Crying..blaming for myself. I don't know if he still alive or not. But he already taking my soul with him. I hope i can meet him for last time. Because i already felt lost and not happy anymore. I hope we will meet again. I love you son.

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