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I've been in love with my best friend since 8th grade. She confessed to me in December that she liked me, but I freaked out and didn't say anything. I regret it now, since she now has a girlfriend. I've been depressed since late 7th grade. And tried to end it all 3 times. I'm still here though because of the magical band One Direction. Also with the help up Sleeping with Sirens. I ship everyone together in One Direction. Larry, Lirry, Ziall, Nouis, Niam, Zarry etc....
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    YOU MONSTER! NO NO NO I'M NOT CRYING. Oh my God. I have just re-evaluated my entire life because of this.
    Over Again (One Shot)
    Over Again (One...
    ☆ Sequel to 'COUNT TO TEN' ☆ – It's been a while. I'd say about 5 years. Harry and Niall have gotten into a lovely college and nothing's gone wrong. Everything was calm, peaceful, and Harry knew that he...
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    This was really good! Can't want for the next update!
    If I were his man (Larry Stylinson FanFic)
    If I were his man...
    Louis Tomlinson is a rich businessman. One day he has to go on a "meeting" in Manchester, which is really tiring for him. Later that night after the "meeting" he decides to call the hotel reception because...
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    The Beast Inside You (Larry Stylinson au) COMING SOON
    The Beast Inside...
    Harry Styles is loved by everybody. He's kind, sweet and a quite a looker. He lives with his mum and his friends in a small village, far way from everything. Nothing special, just a simple, normal life....
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    I don't want to like her anymore. I don't, but I do. If I want to be in a relationship when I'm older, I need someone stable. Neither of us are stable enough to be in a relationship together. Plus, she's already taken, so I don't want to just get continuously heart broken. Point being, I need someone who can tell me everything will be alright, and not be hypocritical about it. She can't say, "You need to stop doing this to yourself." When she can't even say it to herself. I don't want to like her, but I do.
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    Yeah. That's a good attitude. You need two things.
    1. You need to get control of your life and learn to love yourself.
    2. You need to find someone who also has control of their life so they can devote themselves to you, in the way that you would to them.
    Moving on is hard, but you can do it :)
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    Hey you should check out my fanfic about Louis Tomlinson called Coincidental Meeting! Thanks!
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    This has a really good plot and aflkasdjfaj update pretty please!
    The Butterfly Effect (Larry Stylinson)
    The Butterfly Effe...
    One small, insignificant condition can make a huge change. All it took was a shortcut through the park and a smile for the pop star and the average boy to discover something beautifully unforgettable.
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