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  • momma_direction96
    can i please have one. my name is maxima or maxi. i would love to be with liam thank you
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (16+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (16+): Ok, for those who have looked at the one's for each of the boys, I've decided to stop updating on that because I was tired of having to go back and forth between...
  • momma_direction96
    can i be liams girl please. my name is maxima. im 16. i have blonde hair and my blue eyes and green and grey they change colors depending on my mood. im 5'3 1/2. my favorite color is green, pink, purple, and blue. i love all kinds of music. please and thank you!
    One Direction Vamps Love Story
    One Direction Vamp...
    Sam and Darcy are normal teenage girls until they met 1D who are vamps in the story and gets turned into one. Read to find out what happens.
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