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So there's this thing and it's called the Black Parade.... It never dies,
Music isn't what I do. It's who I am.
Marching Band and Drumline are basically my life

  • Molly Roisin

    mumbled "Standardized Testing is soo stupid"

    So I have standardized state testing tomorrow (OAA). These tests are 2.5 hours long. No biggy. But then I have to take two more this week. Then to top it all off, after I just sat a 2.5 hour test, my Social Studies teacher is making us take ANOTHER test for her class. Mind you she doesn't give the easiest tests ever. Don't care if it's open notes. I HAVE TO TAKE A TEST AFTER I TOOK A STANDARDIZED TEST!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS SHOULD BE ILLEAGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DX
    Horan Girl
    4 years ago
    I know the feeling. :/ At least we'll get through it together. It's so not fair though that Mrs. T is doing that. Boooooooooooooo. I hate how everyone else voted for it. I think they're dilusional. Good luck on your competition tonight!!! :D YOU'RE GONNA WIN!!!
  • Molly Roisin

    mumbled "What???"

    So i have this project due tomorrow and I just finished it........ 3 hours ago. What is the project? A freakin SOCK PUPPET show for social studies that involves the Lewis and Clark expedition, or the war of 1812. Why? I don't know and it was by far the most difficult project I've ever done. And she gave us the assignment, Monday. As in St. Patrick's Day. By the way, I wasn't in school that day, so I got the project Tuesday and have had since then to get a sock puppet show, with hand made everything, together y tomorrow. My life.....
    K.s Nightshade originals
    don't feel bad.... been there done that!
    K.s Nightshade originals
    & had fustrating momnets for it & during it!

  • Molly Roisin
    I need to know your name for the imagine you want! Sorry! I would make one up, but I don't think that would be respectful. Get back to me when you can!

  • Molly Roisin

    mumbled "Well, this is it for v-day"

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    I just wanted to say, hi and let you guys now that I love all my readers like family. I wont be updating much over the next couple days so.. Hold tight. Btw, Happy Forever Alone Day!! Still single and I have never even been asked out. ;(
    4 years ago
    I feel your pain.
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