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NaNo 2017, Here I Come!

by , Monday October 16, 2017
NaNo 2017, Here I Come!

NaNoWriMo 2017 is Coming!

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  • Molly Looby

    mumbled "NaNoWriMo 2017"

    Anyone still trekking away with their NaNo project?

    I'm still writing 2,000 words a day. Just cracked 95k, and I'm still going.

    It is drawing to a close though! But I think I've still got 10-15k left to go xD It's never-ending.
    Katie Pharoah
    2 days ago
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    I've stopped for now, but I'll definitely pick it back up come Christmas break and the New Year, for now I'm doing edits on what I've got so far and publishing it here. By the way you're a superhuman for continuing XD
    Molly Looby
    2 days ago
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    I feel it. I'm dragging myself along day by day. All my other NaNos were finished before December 9th. Here I am, 15th December, still writing.

    (And going crazy xD )
  • Molly Looby

    mumbled "11.5K Reads"

    1 weeks agoReply
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    11,500 reads for the first 3 chapters of ZA :) <3

    ZA“There’s no right and wrong any more. Just living and dying.” What do you do when your worst nightmares become reality? Dreams shattered in a heartbeat....
    1 weeks ago
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    Awesome :D :D

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