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Hi! I'm Mad-eye! I love Minecraft, and watching Minecraft videos. I am a proud member of the Sky Army. I'm also a devoted Directioner.

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    I hate people. :/
    Really Annoying Things 2
    Really Annoying...
    A never ending rant about everything annoying that anyone has ever done to anyone. Comment what you find annoying and you'll get a chapter about it with your name at the bottom.
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    mumbled "Which Direction"

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    Sorry guys. I'm at a standstill with Which Direction. I can't figure out how to wrap it up. I'm open to any ideas.
    5 years ago
    i otay Mad-eye ive got Promsie You Wont Leave me typed in word but I need to publish what I have and let ppl know what has happened and ive got writers block on it. I CANT TAKE WRITERS BLOCK!!!!

  • mmmmm063
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    Sorry I haven't updated. I'm kinda drawing a blank on how to wrap this up. I promise I'll at least finish chapter 12 by the end of this month.
    Which Direction?
    Which Direction?
    Madi, Morgan, and Bryanna call in to WKKW to answer the Impossible Question and win tickets to a One Direction Concert. At the concert, things are, well, less than normal. Due to a Hypnotist, Anti 1-D...
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    Fly u foolz! I legit fell off my chair!
    The Zoo Of Middle Earth
    The Zoo Of Middle...
    Welcome to the Zoo Of Middle Earth! All of your favourite characters have been gathered from across Middle Earth for your entainment here today :) Enjoy!
    Alex Catt
    5 years ago
    :D Glad you like it!
    thank you!
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    mumbled "Dragon Day"

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    I'm started a new story called Dragon Day about a boy called Robby who finds a baby dragon and takes it home. I finished the chapter he found her in, and the Dragon's name is Klic. Any ideas on an adventure they should go on?
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