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Hello, I'm MJ. I'm a nerd who loves Divergent,Harry Potter,Once Upon a Time, My Little Pony, Hunger Games, and Gravity Falls.

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    Gravity Falls RP

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    In this Roleplay, Dipper and Mabel are fifteen and it's still summer. You can have everyone except Bill unless I feel generous and let you borrow him for a while. And I usually play Grunkle Stan sometimes but other people can be him.
    3 years ago
    "Hey Stan!" Melodie called also, walking in beside Mabel.
    3 years ago
    "Pshh.Whatever." Wendy said sofftly,scrolling through the pages of the magazine she was reading.
    MJ climbed through the attic window to reach the top of the roof. MJ sat down and watched the clouds above the Mystery Shack.
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