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    mumbled "My Tears"

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    My Tears
    I lay here collecting my thoughts
    My heart is hurt beyond lost
    Various moments I feel so alone
    Although I'm grown my pain deeply desires a home.
    Look pass my flaws, we all make unhealthy decisions
    God knows I gave it my all, still yet I continue to fall
    So many days & nights I want to give up, tears fill my eyes as I bow my head & ask ...WHY?
    Give me the strength to over comes my fears, lord knows I'm exhausted from shredding so many tears. Author: Tawana Beecham
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    mumbled "INSECURITY"

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    You act differently I become suspicious
    Days go by you are less affectionate
    Could it just be me feeling deceived lost maybe a little over protective
    Do I blame myself or walk away all alone
    My heart desires you in many ways
    The question in my head is shall I stay ? Fight for what my heart deeply desires
    Could it be I'm scarred so bad .... can't believe anyone can love me in -spite of my pass
    I'll continue to breathe staying focus and absolute that I'll make it through the fire.
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